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Juk nei ho wan 1985

This film is about four guys who stole a fairly large diamond. One of them betrays the others and escapes. He ends up swinging into the open bedroom window of Ji (a young Anita Mui), who plays an aerobics instructor. He hides the diamond in a jar of Ji’s cold cream. A private detective, George Li, who shares a small space inside the studio, is hired to try to find the diamond. What ensues is a lot of comic fighting, a lot of running around and a lot of yelling. But, then again, this is a comedy from Hong Kong, so what did you expect? If you like fast paced comedy, this is your film. Anita does a good job, which is no surprise, as the lady who is unwittingly caught up in this. You may want to turn the sound down a bit, since everyone except Anita seems to always be shouting. See it for the nonsense that is portrayed here, this is a pretty good Hong Kong slapstick film. Not one of Anita Mui’s best films (check out “Rouge”, “Dance Of A Dream”, just to name two, first), its still fun and she is in it. That is enough of a reason to see it. The pace may make you dizzy at times, but stay with it, its fun.

Genre: Comedy


Actors: , ,


Duration: 0 min


IMDb: 5.0