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Mighty Flash 2021

Halfway between documentary and fiction, Destello Bravío (Mighty Flash) tells the story of Puebla de la Reina, a little town set in the deepest heart of Badajoz, Extremadura (west-center to Spain). Apparently struck in time, living as generations ago, in this place their neighbors spend the days trapped by the remembers and ancient costumes front to an each more globalized world where the old folklore, traditions, myths and ways to live seem not to have space. With its population aged and the young ones moving from the town to the city, the remaining inhabitants live the best they can. In this way, Isa is a woman who records messages for herself, for the day she die or she lose her memory; Carmencita “Cita” feels trapped in her marriage, in a house full of religious images of virgins and saints collected by her long-time deceased mother-in-law; and María comes back to the town after to become widowed, facing her own loneliness. In this gray environment where nothing extraordinary happens, halfway between bizarre and surrealism, women of the town dream to leave behind their apathy and live all kind of liberating experiences to find the joyful lost and meet again with the place where they dreamed to be happy.

Duration: 1 min


IMDb: 5.8