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On the Run 2018

There is a police manhunt for a soldier who has almost all members of his unit on his conscience. The criminal is lured into a trap, but Justa, an experienced policewoman, makes a simple mistake and the wanted man escapes the manhunt. As a consequence of the deficiencies, the woman is sent on a forced leave. However, her ambition dictates a different solution. Instead of dealing with the growing problems in her own family, she abandons everything and returns to her childhood town, where her opponent grew up as well. While Justa looks for clues that could lead her to the criminal’s hideout, he himself reaches her relatives and kidnaps the policewoman’s daughter – Lena. A blackmailed woman placed against the wall will have to commit a crime to recover her life and save her child, exposing Grzegorz, the last survivor of the criminal’s squad, to death. Trying to get out of the situation, the policewoman will start a murderous game with the stalker. At stake in a fierce duel of cleverness and intellect will be the life of her beloved daughter.

Duration: 83 min


IMDb: 4.5