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Target Zero 1955

In 1952, during the Korean War, a United Nations relief worker’s jeep comes under enemy fire and overturns in a ditch. Hours later, the worker, Ann Galloway, is found and rescued by a British tank patrol. The front lines being very fluid and constantly changing send people into frequent advances and retreats. The British tank patrol is attempting to find its main unit. Eventually it runs into an American infantry patrol, under the command of Lieutenant Tom Flagler and his sergeant, Vince Gaspari. The Americans have a wounded man on a stretcher. They suggest a certain path toward the American lines and the location of their Easy Company, on a fortified hill top. The British agree to follow the Americans. They also pick-up an American two-man mortar team that is lost. Together they head for the hills. One the way, they run into a North Korean ambush, a destroyed village, a minefield and other perils. They manage to ambush a Communist truck convoy and capture the convoy’s fuel, food and ammunition. When they reach their final destination, they discover that Easy Company has been decimated by previous Communist attacks. Dismayed by the gruesome sight, Lieutenant Tom Flagler contacts the nearest American command post by radio and receives bad news. One million Red Chinese have invaded North Korea in an attempt to push the United Nations forces further south. Therefore, Lieutenant Tom Flagler is ordered to hold the hill on which the Easy Company was entrenched. He is promised air support and a naval bombardment support from a US warship steaming along the Korean coast. With this in mind, the small group of survivors prepare defensive positions on the hill top and await the masses of Chinese and North Korean Communist forces poised to attack any moment.

Duration: 92 min


IMDb: 5.8