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The Winter Warrior 2003

In the autumn of 573 AD, the civil war that divides the Celtic nations in the post Romano- Britiain ends at the battle of Arthuet. The Celtic amies disband and the warriors return to their homes, but the losses to the combined Celtic forces are so great that the immigrants from Germania – the Angles who settled along the North Sea, boldly send raiding parties into the Celtic homelands. Fingal a Celtic mercenary soldier is returning home to his Roman wife, Lillian, who lives with his people of Caledon, Weighed down by his travel bags full of the treasures of war he rescues the slave, Jessica fom her Angle captors, to become his servant to carry his valuable homeward. Meanwhile Angle aiders capture Liilian, and in a fonfontation with Fingal, the Angle dullard Ulph, kills Lillian, thus destroying any hope of peace making. The Angles flee taking Jessica with them. After burying his wife, Fingal pursues the Angles. Meanwhile Ida, the Angle leader realises they are lost when they encounter the Picts, the playful bandits of the high hills. Fingal makes a bargain with the unruly Picts, paying them to defeat the Angles. Fearful of having to spend the winter in a hostile land, the Angles begin to panic and fight among themselves.

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Duration: 88 min


IMDb: 3.7